Vote Yes Melbourne Pathology


The Health Workers Union (HWU) has been working hard to negotiate a fair Enterprise Agreement for you. As you know, a deal has been reached. This fair Agreement now needs to be voted on by ALL Melbourne Pathology workers.  The HWU recommends you VOTE YES!




3.5%      First full pay period on or after 11 March 2019

2.5%      First full pay period on or after 1 July 2020

2.5%      First full pay period on or after 1 July 2021

3%         First full pay period on or after 1 July 2022

3%         First full pay period on or after 1 March 2023


This is an improved deal with 4% more than the last pay deal offered by Melbourne Pathology.  Note: these increases are on top of the 4.5% increases the HWU has got you since October 2017 (2% on October 2017 & 2.5% in July 2018).


This means, in total, the HWU has now secured 19% wage increases for Melbourne Pathology workers since the campaign for better wages began.


Also note that at the same time, Melbourne Pathology must increase superannuation by 0.5% on 1 July 2021 and 0.5% on 1 July 2022 and, thereafter, until 12% by 2025.




The new agreement will also see approximately 20 per cent of Pathology Collectors and 50% of Clerks benefit from moving to new higher paying grades.




Grade 1 Collectors will automatically move to the Grade 2 Classification, if they are:

  • Relievers;
  • Home visit staff;
  • Employed to do ward rounds in a hospital;
  • Currently a competency holder of Arterial Blood Gas and/or Infant Skin Puncture.


Grade 2 Collectors will automatically move to a Grade 3 Collector classification if they:

  • Are appointed as a Team Leader employed to perform Grade 2 duties; and
  • Undertake additional responsibilities via the supervision of staff.


Grade 3 Collectors will automatically move to a Grade 4 Collector classification if they:

  • Are appointed to have responsibility for the coordination and staffing of multiple collection centres, clinical care and incident reporting and
  • Provide clinical support and training as necessary.




Grade 2 Clerks will automatically move to Grade 3 if their role:

  • Involves regular computer related duties
  • The duties are an essential part of the role
  • Level of skill is multifunction, administrative or batch processing



This new workplace agreement will need to be voted on by all Melbourne Pathology workers. The HWU recommends you VOTE YES.


The timetable for voting has been sent to you by Melbourne Pathology. 


15 May 2019     Circulate the Agreement and associated materials

24 May 2019     Voting opens at 8am

30 May 2019     Voting closes at 12 noon


Voting is electronic (by computer). Melbourne Pathology will provide you with info about how to vote. Speak to HR immediately if you need help or further info.




This new deal is a good deal – it’s a 4% pay improvement on the last offer!


If you vote NO, it is unlikely you will get a better deal. Your bargaining power increases when the HWU is strong. To increase your bargaining strength, join the HWU with your Melbourne Pathology colleagues and stand together!


To join the HWU call (03) 9341 3300 or visit