Hospital Workers

Sign this petition to let the Victorian Health Minister know that you oppose Private Public Partnerships and the privatisation of Frankston Public Hospital services and jobs.

Why is this important?

The Victorian ‘Labor’ Government is determined to push ahead with plans to privatise Victoria’s public hospitals. These so called ‘Private Public Partnerships’ (PPP’s) means non-clinical jobs within a hospital will be tendered out to the cheapest and nastiest private sector provider. Classifications like cleaners, patient services assistants, laundry workers, administration, ward clerks, food services assistants, kitchen workers, security officers – just to name a few – are all on the chopping block!

We saw the devastating impact outsourcing hotel quarantine security out to the private sector had. Now the Victorian Government want to outsource hospital cleaners in the middle of a pandemic! When will they ever learn?

They Victorian Government recently signed tender contracts for Footscray Hospital. Now they want to do the same at Frankston Hospital. Which Victorian public hospital is next?

The HWU is taking the Victorian Government to court to try and stop the PPP at Frankston Public Hospital. But we need your support! We need to send a clear message to the Victorian Government.

Please sign this petition to voice your strong opposition to the contracting out of frankston Public Hospital jobs to the private sector. Together, we can put STOP to current and future Public Private Partnerships.

We recommend mobile users sign the petition by following this link.