Red Cross Blood Service Update



Thank you to everyone who voted NO last week. You stood together and voted to treat everyone equally and to fight for terms and conditions which were fair - like the right to representation. That is something to be proud of!

This was not a momentous victory for the Blood Service. Employees only narrowly voted in favour for the Agreement – with only just over 62% of employees voting in favour of the Agreement. We think this speaks volumes.  

While we didn’t achieve the outcome we had hoped for, the last 11 months of bargaining have not been in vain. We have achieved a pay increase well above inflation, have fought hard to avoid the erosion of your entitlements, and have improved your terms and conditions of employment. You can be proud of what we have achieved here. And we will be back in three and a half years, stronger and ready for the fight to start all over again!

Remember, we can only represent union members. It is important that you encourage your colleagues to join the union and strengthen the cause. That way, next time when we come to the bargaining table, we will be speaking for the many.

Next steps – Making the Agreement

This week, the Blood Service will send the new Enterprise Agreement to the Fair Work Commission for approval. For a number of reasons, it may take several months before the new Agreement is reviewed and approved by the Commission. Once the Agreement is approved by the Commission, your new pay and conditions will come in to force.  

Understanding your new entitlements

While we were unable to endorse or reach agreement because we felt strongly that members and employees should be treated equally, we were able to negotiate a number of improvements in the Agreement.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be emailing members to explain some of the new and improved benefits we negotiated. This is to ensure you are aware of your rights in the workplace and so you can hold your employer to account. If you have any specific questions, please do let us know. We’re only too happy to answer them!  

Among other things, we have negotiated:

  • Review of part-time hours – employees now have the right to request a review of their part-time hours and to convert those hours on a permanent basis in to their contract of employment
  • Overtime for part-time employees when directed to work hours in addition to their contract
  • Change of roster allowance for Donor Services employees 
  • Travel paid when recalled to duty
  • Personal leave to attend medical appointments
  • Substitute religious public holidays
  • Pay for early finish on public holidays
  • De-gendered parental leave
  • Improvements to higher duties entitlements
  • Reference to family and domestic violence facilitative provisions


We have negotiated that members will receive wage increases backdated to November 2017.  When the Agreement is approved by the Commission, members will receive their back-pay as follows:

Employees not paid above the Agreement

  • 2.5% increase applied to wages and allowances in November 2017, 2018 and 2019; 
  • 1.25% increase applied to wages and allowances in November 2020;

Employees paid above the Agreement

  • November 2017: 2.5% increase applied to wages in November 2017;
  • November 2018: 2.5% increase split between 90% increase in salary and 10% lump sum payment; 
  • November 2019: 2.5% increase split between 85% increase to salary and 15% lump sum payment;
  • November 2020: 1.25% increase split between 80% increase to salary and 20% lump sum payment;
  • 2.5% increase per annum applied to allowances in November 2017, 2018 and 2019;
  • 1.25% increase per annum applied to allowances in November 2020. 

Contact us

This has been a long and challenging bargaining process. Your workplace delegates and HWU Organiser Ray Collins have all worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome. 

Should you have any feedback, questions or concerns about the Agreement, please contact either the:

  1. HWU Call Centre directly on (03) 9341 3300;
  2. Ray Collins on;
  3. Remain active on the HWU Facebook page;  
  4. Your Workplace Delegates in person; or
  5. Email the HWU at

Encourage your team to join the HWU by calling (03) 9341 3300, join online by following this link or by returning the attached HWU Membership Form.

We are stonger together!