Public Sector Update Unfair Hospital Surge Allowance


Thank you to the thousands of HWU public sector members who recently completed our survey on the Victorian Government’s Hospital Surge Allowance.

The results of the survey indicated that whilst 85% of HWU public sector members said the allowance was ‘welcome’, a further 85% believe it was only fair that ‘all workers receive’ it. Further, 75% of respondents said it was ‘completely unfair’ that clinical employees working in ‘Red Zone’ COVID areas receive a maximum of $60 per shift whilst non-clinical employees receive a maximum of $20 per shift.

The HWU will continue to lobby the Victorian Government to resolve this issue. The COVID virus does not discriminate, and nor should the Victorian government. The HWU has written to Premier Daniel Andrews expressing the concerns of the overwhelming majority of our members.  To read a copy of the HWU letter to the Premier, please click on the llink below (bottom of page).

Over recent weeks, the HWU has been receiving queries from members about their eligibility to receive the Hospital Surge Allowance. To find out more about the Allowance and the criteria for payments, please click on the Fact Sheet link below (bottom of page). 

The Surge Allowance guidelines clearly state that the allowance is to be paid for workers in ‘patient facing’ roles. This is a broad criteria and most classifications ought to be eligible. The HWU is aware of some health providers misinterpreting the guidelines for payment of the allowance to non-clinical workers, whilst other providers are paying the allowance for workers in the same classification doing the same work. These inconsistencies across health providers need to be ironed out immediately by the Victorian Government.

If you believe you are entitled to receive the Surge Allowance but have been informed you will not be receiving it by your employer, email the HWU immediately at Please state your name, HWU membership number, employer, classification and a brief description of your duties.

The HWU will work to resolve this issue on your behalf, both with your employer and the Victorian Government. 

Letter to Premier Unfair Hospital Surge Allowance

Dept of Health Factsheet Hospital Surge Allowance