As you know, the Health Workers Union is vehemently opposed to the Victorian Government’s dodgy plans to pursue a PPP (Private Public Partnership) at Frankston Hospital.

The Victorian Government’s proposal would see core frontline public health jobs outsourced to private contractors. There is a real threat that our HWU members’ jobs will be outsourced to a private company such as Spotless, Compass or Serco.

Some time ago, the Health Workers Union lodged an application to have this matter dealt with in court. Yesterday (Thursday 11 March, 2021), we had this day in court - with a formal hearing before Fair Work Australia Deputy President Colman. 

The stakes could not be higher. The HWU engaged an experienced team from top industrial legal firm, Holding Redlich, to ensure we put our best foot forward. HWU officials and Frankston Hospital HWU Delegate, Di Stratton, were present to assist.

The HWU’s position remains clear. Peninsula Health should have consulted with the HWU and our members as soon as it found out that the new Frankston Hospital was going to be a Private-Public Partnership. 

The employee representative (HWU) must be present during the decision making process (not at the end of it)  when the decisions have already been made. The employer has failed to consult. This important point, if agreed to by Deputy President Colman, could throw a spanner in the works for the entire PPP proposal.

The Health Workers Union will continue to fight for our members! Deputy President Colman is currently deliberating and will hand down his decision shortly. We will communicate this decision immediately with members as soon it is made available.

Regardless of the legal outcome, the HWU will keep fighting to stop a PPP and the outsourcing of frontline public health jobs at Frankston Hospital. We will do everything we can to ensure the Victorian ‘Labor’ Government is held to account for this disgraceful anti-worker proposal.

If you have any questions, please call the HWU on (03) 9341 3300.