Opal Aged Care Enterprise Agreement Voted Yes!

Dear members
We are pleased to advise 89% of employees voted YES to the new Opal Enterprise Agreement. Thank you to all those members who have supported the current round of bargaining. We could not have done it without you.   
Next steps – Making the Agreement
Over the next week, Opal will send the new Enterprise Agreement to the Fair Work Commission for approval. For a number of reasons, it may takes several months before the new Agreement is reviewed and approved by the Commission. Once the Agreement is approved by the Commission, your new terms and conditions will come in to force.  
Understanding your new entitlements
Over the coming weeks and months, we will be emailing members to explain some of the new and improved benefits under the Enterprise Agreement. This is to ensure you are aware of your rights in the workplace. If you have any specific questions, please do let us know.
Among other things, you will now have access to:
  • Personal leave to attend planned medical appointments
  • New progressive accrual of long service leave – which means if you reduce your contracted hours, for instance to transition to retirement, your accrued entitlement to long service leave will remain unchanged
  • Payment for online training and e-learning
  • Creation of a pooled serious injury, illness and emergency leave fund of 7,000 hours
  • Employees on paid parental leave will now receive superannuation contributions
  • Unlimited paid family and domestic violence leave and facilitative provisions 
  • Up to 3 days paid Special Disaster Leave


You can expect your first pay rise of 2% in the first pay period on or after 1 November 2018. Thereafter, the following increases will apply:
  • 2.25% increase 1 November 2019;
  • 2.5% increase 1 November 2020; and
  • 2.5% increase 1 November 2021.
These wages will continue to see Opal ahead of the majority of the Aged Care industry with regards to wages. We are proud to have negotiated some of the highest wages for members across the sector. These results are due to strong union support in your workplace which you should be proud of!  
Contact us
Should you have any feedback, questions or concerns about the new Agreement, please contact our Call Centre directly on (03) 9341 3300. We are ready and willing to answer any of your questions regarding the new Agreement.   
REMEMBER – Encourage your team to join the HWU by calling (03) 9341 3300, or by following this link.
We are stronger together!