Cabrini Private Hospital Laundry Staff to Lose Jobs

Cabrini Private Hospital Laundry staff to lose jobs

More than 120 Cabrini Linen Employees lose their jobs

Over 120 Cabrini Private Hospital Laundry Service employees were informed that they were being let go as of June 30.  This announcement came (on the 9th of May) without any prior warning from Cabrini.  Cabrini Hospital Laundry services have been sold to a large laundry company called Spotless.

Our Secretary, Diana Asmar and other union officials met with workers from Cabrini laundry and rallied outside their worksite after the cuts were announced.  The workers received strong support from the local community, some of whom decided to join the rally and many others biped their car and truck horn in support.

Most of the laundry workers will struggle to find new jobs.  Many have been working at the laundry for decades and will find re-training extremely difficult.  Cabrini stated that they will endeavour to redeploy some of the workers somewhere within the hospital.  However, no guarantees were made!

Cabrini’s decision to outsource their laundry department was done without adequate consultation with its workforce and their union.  The Health Workers Union will fight for our members employed at Cabrini laundry.  We have demanded that Cabrini hospital follow the consultation provisions set out in the respective Enterprise Agreement.

The Health Workers Union will work hard to try and prevent the closure of Cabrini laundry.  We will work with each of our members to assist them to either keep their jobs or redeploy within Cabrini health.  Basically, we will try and assist our members achieve an outcome that is appropriate for them.

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