More Money For Public Sector Workers


The Health Workers Union (HWU) has you listed as a clerical worker covered by the Victorian Public Sector Agreement 2016-2020.
As you know, this Agreement (that the HWU negotiated exclusively with the State Government) gives you a total 14% pay rise over 4 years – with the most recent pay rise of 3% from the first full pay period from 1 October 2017. Please check your pay slip to ensure you have received this 3% pay rise. If you have not received this after your first full pay period from 1 October 2017, please contact your pay roll officer in the first instance.
Further, the HWU also fought hard to get clerical workers an even better deal through classification uplift. The reclassification of clerical workers now aligns with administration workers – to better reflect current work practices. The reclassification uplift rights a historical wrong. For years, the distinction between the roles of clerical and administration workers had been disappearing. We’ve seen the ridiculous situation where workers performing the same duties were paid differently because of an arcane distinction between ward and office staff.
The good news is that this classification uplift also takes affect from 1 October 2017. It means a significant pay rise for thousands of public sector hospital clerical workers. Attached is a copy of the Public Sector Agreement. The relevant sections that should cover you are covered in Section 3 of the Agreement.
If you have any questions about this new classification uplift, please contact your pay roll office. If you are not satisfied with the information provided to you, please email or call (03) 9341 3300 for further assistance.
I ask that you please take the time to forward this email and its attachments to all staff at your workplace that may be affected by these changes. Attached are 1) A HWU membership Form 2) a copy of your workplace Agreement and 3) A HWU reclassification review form if you believe you are not correctly classified.
The Health Workers Union will continue to fight for better pay and conditions for our members. Remember, together we are stronger! 

HWU Membership Form

Public Health Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020

HWU reclassification form