MIA EBA Update


The Health Workers Union is committed to getting our members better pay and conditions.

Bargaining for your new MIA workplace agreement has now commenced. On 6 March 2018, MIA Victoria commenced bargaining to replace the MIA Victoria Enterprise Agreement 2015. The HWU presented our members log of claims to representatives from MIA during the first bargaining meeting. Attached (click below) is the HWU’s Log of Claims presented to MIA management.
Among other claims, the HWU is bargaining for:
  • 5% wage increases per annum;
  • Management to respond to annual leave and long service leave requests within a reasonable period of time, but no later than 4 weeks and 8 weeks respectively; 
  • Superannuation to be paid on periods of parental leave;
  • 20 days paid family and domestic violence leave; and
  • Part-time review of hours. 
Four bargaining meetings have been scheduled to discuss our members claims and the claims of MIA.
We encourage you to carefully read the HWU’s Log of Claims. Feel free to print it out and discuss the claims with your colleagues. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact your HWU Organiser, Ray Collins, on 0476 838 386 or HWU Industrial Officer, Lisa Alcock, on 0436 653 865.
The success of the negotiation will depend largely on the strength of our membership at MIA. In other words, the more HWU members we have at MIA, the greater our negotiating position. You can do your bit by encouraging your work colleagues to join the HWU. They can do this easily by visiting hwu.org.au or by calling (03) 9341 3300. Remember – together we are always stronger!