Melbourne Pathology VOTE NO


If you accept Melbourne pathology’s pathetic pay offer, you will be left behind the rest of the pathology industry. Unless you want to be at the bottom of the barrel, the HWU strongly urges you to vote no!

After 20 months of delays, Melbourne pathology refuses to make a fair offer. Now, they are putting their bad 1.5% pay deal to a vote.

Dorevitch management tried the same thing. But thankfully 80% of Dorevitch workers voted it down. And now they are paid a fair wage! We urge you to do the same, and vote no!

Why are Dorevitch workers paid better?

  • because 6 out of 10 Dorevitch workers joined the union. They joined the union, they stuck together, and they fought for a better deal. They won!
  • Now, it's time for you and your workmates to do the same! You're worth more than 1.5%. Don't accept second best. Join the union for better pay!
  • The two small pay increases you received so far were to make the HWU go away! But we haven't gone away! We are still fighting for you. Because even with these rises, you are still left well behind industry standards.

Compare below hourly average rates based on Melbourne pathology's measly offer. (best viewed on desktop)

Melbourne Pathology Full Chart

*Clinical Labs are currently in negotiation with HWU. The projected figures are calculated with reference to inflation and standard industry increases

Share this link with all of your workmates. Don’t let Melbourne pathology bleed you dry. Take action.

Call (03) 9341 3300 or click here to join the HWU today!