No doubt, our proud and united Lyndoch Living HWU members have now heard the news that CEO Doreen Power has been replaced by interim CEO, Jamie Brennan.

The HWU has had dealings with Mr Brennan in previous roles. He is professional and his managerial style is at a polar opposite of his erratic predecessor, Ms Doreen Power.

We anticipate that Ms Power will soon tender her resignation or be formally removed by the board of Lyndoch. Either way, her days are now numbered.

This is a big win for HWU members. Thank you to all Lyndoch Living HWU members for sticking together and performing your duties despite Ms Power’s mismanagement of the facility. Without your courage and commitment, Lyndoch residents would be in grave danger.

Yesterday, Lyndoch Living Board President, Susan Cassidy, said “it’s important we have stability, and Jamie’s appointment provides us with that. It will allow our staff to focus on what truly matters”.

The HWU is happy to inform Ms Cassidy that Lyndoch Living staff do focus on what truly matters – the residents of Lyndoch Living! Regrettably, staff have been performing their duties for some time under extreme duress due to the directorship of Ms Doreen Power, aka the Lord of Lyndoch.

Our Lyndoch Living members have faced horrendous (and well-documented) workplace bullying. They have faced chronic understaffing, leading to workplace fatigue. Many staff left the health industry as a result of their time at Lyndoch Living.

The situation at Lyndoch under Ms Power was so bad, that earlier this month (August 9), HWU Secretary Diana Asmar wrote to the Lyndoch Board President, Susan Cassidy, outlining a series of documented breaches of the Fair Work Act and Occupational Health & Safety Act from the facility being chronically understaffed. No doubt, Ms Cassidy was shocked by what she read. The HWU is now awaiting a formal reply to this correspondence, though Ms Cassidy's actions to appoint an interim CEO thereafter speaks volumes about the vailidity of our documented allegations. 

Existing staff are mentally and physically exhausted. The HWU wants to help.

We are calling on all former Lyndoch Living staff to apply to work at the facility to help their former workmates. This can be done by emailing resumes to We are keen to help alleviate the pressure on existing Lyndoch staff.

The HWU has written to all former and retired HWU members in the Warrnambool region to apply to work at the facility now that Ms Power is gone. We will also be writing to all HWU aged care members in Warrnambool and surrounds inviting them to submit their application for employment to Lyndoch Living, even if it is for temporary or casual roles (so that existing staff can have some reprieve and respite). Lyndoch Living staff need all hands on deck.

The HWU encourages anyone who has suffered extreme mental duress as a result of Ms Power’s directorship to please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, or contact the HWU and we can direct you to health services which can help.

HWU Secretary Diana Asmar and HWU Assistant Secretary David Eden will be meeting with Lyndoch Living HWU members in the coming weeks to discuss what further actions the union is taking to address the workplace issues at the facility. You will be notified of the date and time soon.

Thank you again for your unity, commitment and strength.