Healthscope Vote Yes

Healthscope Enterprise Agreement – VOTE YES

Dear Healthscope HWU Member,

As you are aware, the HWU has been negotiating with Healthscope for a new Enterprise Agreement that provides better pay and conditions for Healthscope workers.

These negotiations with Healthscope have been productive and the Health Workers Union is now in a position to recommend that members VOTE ‘YES’ to the Agreement.

The agreement ensures you receive a minimum 9.45% pay rise over three years.

Some of the wins we’ve got for you include:

  • A uniform minimum wage increase of 3.15% backdated to 1, July 2019.
  • Further uniform minimum wage increases of 3.15% on 1, July 2020 and 3.15% on 1, July 2021.
  • Introduction of a new Theatre Technician classification structure, which provides additional classification and wage uplifts (to bring them into line with the industry standard).
  • Introduction of a new Instrument Technician classification structure, which provides for additional classification and wage uplifts (to bring them into line with the industry standard).
  • A process to review convert additional part time hours worked over a 12 month period into contracted hours.
  • A process to convert casual employment to permanent employment.
  • Five days paid Family Violence Leave.

HWU recommends you VOTE YES

Voting for the new Agreement opened today, Thursday, 3 October 2019. Voting closes at midnight on Wednesday, 9 October 2019.

Voting is confidential. The ballot is to be conducted online via a third party provider that Healthscope have used for a number of years. Your manager can provide you with details about how to vote.

Based on the proposed agreement the Health Workers Union has negotiated, we would strongly encourage you to VOTE YES.

If you vote NO, it is unlikely you will get a better deal. Your bargaining power increases when the HWU is strong.

Please encourage your colleagues to vote the Agreement up and - as always, join the HWU - because together we get great outcomes.

Stronger Together

As you know, Healthscope has recently been bought by an equity company with no experience in the health industry in Australia. This is likely to mean workplaces changes on the horizon.

Workplaces with strong membership receive the full protection of the union. Now is the time to get your Healthscope colleagues to join the HWU.

They can join by going to or filling in the attached HWU Membership Form (click to download).