Healthscope Update


The Health Workers Union is pleased to announce a negotiated agreement which improves the current entitlements of our members.
Since the announcement of the closure of Cotham Private Hospital and Geelong Private Hospital last week, the HWU has been engaged in productive discussions. 

Severance Pay

We are pleased to announce the HWU has successfully negotiated with Healthscope to increase workers entitlement to severance pay from 12 weeks pay up to: 

•  10-15 years service – 16 weeks pay
•  15-20 years service – 17 weeks pay
•  20-25 years service – 18 weeks pay
•  25+ years service – 20 weeks pay.

Long Service Leave

For employees with 7 to 9 years service, the HWU has negotiated a deal to provide employees pro-rata entitlement to Long Service Leave, accrued at the rate prescribed under the Long Service Leave Act. For employees with 9 or more years service, employees will now have access to the pro-rata entitlement to Long Service Leave, accrued at the higher rate under the enterprise agreement. 

Long Term Casuals

A payment equivalent to 50% of the EA severance pay scale (not the table above) for casuals who are ‘regular and systematic’ as defined by HSO.

Payment in Lieu of Notice 

Healthscope will not require employees to work out part or all of their notice period. Healthscope will define a departure date based on operational need and then make a full payment in lieu of notice. Subject to patient numbers, departure dates may commence next week. Healthscope will apply the new 1 July 2018 rates to calculations of severance and payment in lieu of notice. Accrued Leave (AL/LSL) will be paid at 1 July 2017 rates.

July 2018 Rates of Pay

The HWU can confirm that Healthscope has agreed to apply the new 1st July 2018 rates to calculations of severance pay and payments in lieu of notice. Accrued Leave and Long Service Leave will be paid at 1st July 2017 rates.

Whilst the closure of Cotham and Geelong Private Hospital is regrettable, we are pleased that these new arrangements have been successfully negotiated.

We will continue to work with all stakeholders in seeking employment opportunities for HWU members affected by the closure of these two worksites.

If you have any questions please call your HWU Organiser Ray Collins on ‭0476 838 386‬. 

The Health Workers Union will continue to fight to protect your jobs and improve your pay and other work conditons!