HammondCare EBA Update




Bargaining has now commenced

The HammondCare Residential Care (Victoria) Enterprise Agreement 2017 expired on 30 June 2018. Bargaining has now commenced to make a new Agreement which improves your terms and conditions of employment.

Log of claims

In finalising the log of claims, we need your input. Tell the HWU what matters to you and want do you want us to bargain for. Also, what challenges are you facing in your workplace?

Tell us…

Ø   As a part-time employee, are you directed to work hours in addition to your rostered ordinary hours?
Ø   Are you contemplating transitioning to retirement?
o   Are you concerned about the impact on your long service leave?
o   Do you believe your leave should be protected and not changed if you reduce your hours to transition to retirement?
Ø   Do you believe your classification structure accurately reflects your daily duties?
Ø   Is family and domestic violence leave something that is important to you? Do you believe it should be an entitlement in your Agreement?
Ø   Is security in employment something that matters to you?
Ø   Are your requests for flexible working arrangements considered?
Please email info@hwu.org.au us with your feedback today.  
REMEMBER to talk about the progress of bargaining with your colleagues. Encourage your team to join the HWU by contacting (03) 9341 3300 or by following this link.
Together we are stronger! Our success depends on the collective strength of HammondCare HWU members!