13 JULY 2018

Firstly, thank you for your patience. We understand you have all been waiting an incredibly long time for an outcome; and many of you, up to 11 years now for a decent pay rise. We have heard your frustrations (and we share them) and we hope that the Fair Work Commission will deliver you a positive outcome shortly.  

The Fair Work Commission is a tribunal (like a court). Three members of the Commission (similar to judges) heard your case in March and they are still in the process of deciding the outcome.

As of Friday, 13 July 2018, we are still waiting for the Commission to hand down its decision. We always knew this last stage of the process would take time. We had hoped the Commission would have reached its decision by now, and like you, we’re eagerly awaiting the outcome.

At this stage, we’re afraid we have no indication when a decision might be handed down. Rest assured, as soon as we receive an outcome, we will communicate this with you! 

While we wait on the decision, below is a list of the entitlements you have already secured in the new Workplace Determination… 

Review of part time hours

  • If you regularly work in excess of your contracted hours, there will be a mechanism in the Determination to have those hours reviewed and converted in to your contracted minimum hours of engagement. This means improved security of employment!

Preservation of the disciplinary procedure clause

  • We fought hard to ensure the disciplinary clause was not eroded! This includes your right to be represented during the disciplinary process, and ensuring warnings are only active for 12 months unless another adverse event occurs in that time.

Partial redundancy provisions (by agreement)

  • Ensuring the next time management try to reduce a member’s hours of employment, there are protections and compensation.

Telephone allowance

  • An allowance will be paid for mobile collectors who work less than 30 hours on average per week to use their own mobile phone. Those mobile collectors who work more than 30 hours on average per week, will be provided a mobile phone.

Payment of treble time when required to work six periods of duty consecutively without 24 hours off.

Two consecutive days off a fortnight

  • Introducing rostering protections to ensure employees can have at least two consecutive days off duty in a fortnight and transitional arrangements for existing employees to facilitate this.

Additional weeks annual leave for working 4 or more hours on 10 weekends in a year

Preservation of broken shift protections and penalty payments

Preserving change of shift provisions

Dispute resolution

  • We have secured a process for dealing with disputes (including collective disputes), and there will be a power for the Fair Work Commission to arbitrate disputes and make binding decisions without requiring the consent of both parties to do so.

Redeployment considerations in a redundancy

  • Setting out a fair process to be redeployed to a comparable role on similar conditions and hours, having regard to the workplace location and your family commitments.

Buddy allowance: payable when an employee agrees to buddy (or mentor) less experienced pathology collectors. 

Improved overtime provisions: when overtime is paid, how overtime is paid (eg paid in addition to and not in substitution of shift loadings), arrangements for part-time overtime (including when collectors are required to finish a bleed after work hours etc).

Parental leave

  • Extending parental leave rights to all genders and families, and providing the same entitlements in cases of adoption.

Cashing out of annual leave arrangements


We understand you’ve been waiting a long time for an outcome on wages. And you deserve a genuine pay rise!

Ultimately, the wages outcome will be made by the Fair Work Commission, taking into account all the evidence presented at the hearings in March.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee what the wage outcome will be. However, we are confident we have put forward the best possible case for a significant pay increase. The HWU put forward a strong case for a significant uplift in your wages. We also made the case for back payment of wage increases to take into account the delay caused by this process.

This case was strengthened by the Dorevitch members who prepared witness statements and appeared as witnesses before the Fair Work Commission. We all cannot thank those members enough.

Contact us

Again, thank you for your patience and ongoing commitment to getting a better deal at Dorevitch. This has been a long and challenging process for everyone. In particular, HWU Organiser Ray Collins, and Workplace Delegates who have worked tirelessly to achieve a positive outcome. Rest assured, we are nearly at the end of this process and will contact you as soon as the Fair Work Commission announces its decision.

Should you have any feedback, questions or concerns about the Determination, please contact the team at the HWU by using any of the following methods:

  1. Email the HWU at;
  2. Ask your Workplace Delegates in person (you know who they are);
  3. Remain active on the HWU Facebook Page.

REMEMBER – we could not have achieved any of the above outcomes without your support. Talk about our successes with your colleagues. Encourage your team to join the HWU by calling (03) 9341 3300 or by following this link.

We are stronger together!

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