The union is in intense negotiations with Dorevitch Pathology management. It’s like getting blood from a stone. They simply don’t respect or value their workforce. Management is currently refusing the following:

  • To agree to negotiations six months prior to nominal expiry date (despite already waiting 10 years for new agreement)
  • To retain the existing consultation provision.
  • Refusing to allow disputes about extensions to parental leave and flexible working arrangements to be covered by the disputes settlement procedure.
  • To include part time provisions in line with the Modern Award (for example, the letter of offer stating days/shifts etc. – they want to roster 7 days a week).
  • A minimum engagement of four hours (they want three hours, which prohibits the additional weeks leave for working on weekends under their proposal).
  • To maintain all redundancy conditions from the existing agreement (in relation to the amount paid and redeployment)
  • Pay time worked during unpaid breaks when interrupted.
  • To require at least 24 hours break after six periods of consecutive duty.
  • Pay triple time when an employee works more than six periods of consecutive duty without 24 hours break (which is an existing entitlement).
  • Give preference to part-time employees over casuals for additional shifts.
  • To pay overtime for part time employees in line with the Modern Award.
  • Convert people on higher duties for more than 26 weeks to the higher classification. This could see people on higher duties indefinitely.
  • Unpaid carers leave when all personal carers leave is exhausted.
  • Career breaks (four years on, one year off).

But that's only the beginning! Dorevitch management still haven’t responded to whether they agree to:

  • Any wage increase. Right now, Nev Moller’s position is a 0.0% pay increase for you.
  • The Length of agreement.
  • A review of part time hours.
  • Endeavouring to roster people to have at least two consecutive rostered days off.
  • Retaining existing sick leave (they originally wanted to apply the NES 10 days per annum)
  • Retaining existing Long service leave.
  • Retaining the existing discipline clause.
  • Accident make up pay.

It’s NOW crunch time. If you want a decent pay rise and new workplace agreement, you will ONLY get it by joining the Health Workers Union today. Please share this link with work colleagues and speak to them about joining. Help us, help you! Together we stand – divided we beg!!!   

Please give us a call on 03 9341 3300 for more information.

Campaign Poster (PDF)

Diana Asmar, HWU Secretary and Former Pathology Worker

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