Why join the Health Workers Union?

Why Join the Health Workers Union

To ensure that your rights are protected at work join the Health Workers Union.

For a list of member benefits please click here.

Remember your Union Fees are 100% tax deductible!

Did you know that Trade Unions made the following employment conditions possible?

  1. Minimum wage
  2. Five day working week
  3. All breaks at work, including your lunch and tea breaks
  4. Maternity, Carer Leave
  5. Sick leave
  6. Annual leave entitlements
  7. Equal Pay for Men and Women
  8. Social Security, Unemployment Benefits
  9. Pensions- Old Age and Disability
  10. Human Rights Act/Title - prohibits employer discrimination
  11. 7.6 hour work day
  12. 38 hour work week
  13. Overtime pay
  14. Anti-Child labour laws
  15. Commonwealth Workplace safety standards and regulations
  16. Occupational Health & Safety Act (Victoria)
  17. Workers’ Compensation (Work Cover)
  18. Collective Bargaining rights for employees
  19. Unfair Dismissal laws
  20. Right of Entry provisions
  21. Age Discrimination in Employment
  22. Whistle-Blower protection laws
  23. Sexual harassment laws
  24. Disabilities Act
  25. Superannuation-Employer contribution
  26. Privacy rights
  27. The right to strike