Fair Bloody Go

Fair Bloody Go for Dorevitch Pathology Employees

Dorevitch Pathology Employees have overwhelmingly voted yes to Protected Industrial Action!

On the 13th of July Dorevitch Employees voted yes to all the proposed forms of Industrial Action. The Health Workers Union will be sending Industrial Action Packs to all of our Dorevitch Members via the post. If you require more information or any additional printed materials delivered to your Dorevitch workplace, please contact the Health Workers Union by calling (03) 9341 3300 or by email at info@hwu.org.au

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After 1 year of negotiations, Dorevitch management still refuse to give their workers a pay rise. Their last pay deal was in 2003.

On Tuesday, 13th of June, the Health Workers Union lodged for protected industrial action in the Fair Work Commission. The real fight for a Fair Bloody Go for Dorevitch Pathology begins NOW.  All Dorevitch workers stand united. Together, we are stronger!

Union Takes First Step Towards Industrial Action 

The Health Workers Union applied to the Fair Work Commission for a Protected Industrial Action ballot. This is the first step in Union members being able to take industrial action under the protection of the law from dismissal or punishment for participating. 

The Australian Electoral Commission will conduct a vote of Union members on taking industrial action. To be protected and to take part, you must join the HWU by the end of this Thursday. Non-union members do not get protection nor get to vote. 

Proposed Industrial Action

  1. Participate in stop work bans for a period from 2 hours and up to 24 hours, providing the Health Workers Union give the employer 7 days’ notice.
  2. Refuse to undertake any work outside the starting and finishing times of rostered ordinary hours of work.
  3. Speaking to patients, their families and the community about the purpose of the campaign during working hours.
  4. Provide patients, their families and the community with written campaign material during working hours.
  5. Wear your campaign t-shirt during working hours.
  6. Wear your campaign badge during working hours.
  7. Displaying posters, slogans, colours in the workplace containing campaign information.
  8. Writing messages representing the concerns of employees’ regarding the enterprise agreement negotiations on the employer’s vehicles.
  9. Refuse to operate employer’s vehicles that have an odometer reading in excess of 200,000 kilometres.
  10. Refuse to operate employer’s vehicles that have not been serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.
  11. Refuse to clean non-clinical areas.
  12. Refuse to use personal telephones for work purposes.
  13. Refuse to operate facsimile and scanning machines.
  14. Refuse to conduct patient urine drug screens.

Expected Disruption to Dorevitch Services - Letter

Dorevitch Negotiations Update

Dorevitch Pay Rate Facts

Dorevitch Pathology Not Budging on Their 0% Payrise Offer

According to Dorevitch pathology’s website, their staff are part of a “winning culture”. We are not really clear on what providing high quality pathology services has to do with winning, but what is very clear is that staff at Dorevitch don’t feel part of a “winning culture”

Dorevitch workers are the lowest paid pathology staff in Victoria, earning thousands of dollars less per annum than their counterparts employed by other pathology providers, and exist in a culture of bullying and intimidation.

Over recent months, the HWU has visited dozens of Dorevitch sites around the state. We have spoken with hundreds of Dorevitch pathology workers, many of whom feel they are undervalued by Dorevitch, and at least a quarter of the staff indicated they are so frustrated they are prepared to leave the pathology sector altogether.

We are working hard to change this situation, but trying to extract a better deal for workers from Dorevitch management is like trying to get blood from a stone.

The last EBA Dorevitch had in place with its workforce was negotiated in 2004 and expired a decade ago in 2007. Members will recall that early last year over 1000 Dorevitch pathology workers, fed up with getting a raw deal, signed a petition calling for a “majority support determination” to force Dorevitch to the negotiating table with a view to developing a new agreement.

The workforce and the HWU have successfully forced Dorevitch to the negotiating table, but getting management to negotiate in good faith is another challenge entirely.

We have been in negotiations for over nine months now and Dorevitch are demonstrating that they are not really serious about delivering reasonable pay and conditions for its workforce. Dorevitch’s starting point position is to offer no pay increases, reduce workers’ sick leave entitlements and refusing to budge on its out of date non-flexible work arrangements.

In fact, Dorevitch is refusing to negotiate on a whole range of key elements of a new agreement; conditions that are crucial to closing the gap between Dorevitch employees and other pathology staff in the health sector.

Below is a list of some of the key things Dorevitch is refusing to negotiate on:

  • Wage increase. Dorevitch management’s position is a 0.0% pay increase for you.
  • Retaining existing sick leave
  • Retaining existing long service leave
  • Rostering staff to have at least two consecutive rostered days off
  • Agree to negotiations six months prior to nominal expiry date (despite waiting 10 years for new agreement)
  • Retain the existing consultation provision.
  • Agree that for disputes about extensions to parental leave and refusals for flexible working arrangements to be covered by the disputes settlements procedure.
  • Include part time provisions in line with the Modern Award (e.g. letter of offer stating days/shifts etc. – they want to roster 7 days a week).
  • A minimum engagement of four hours (they want three hours, which prohibits the additional weeks leave for working on weekends under their proposal).
  • Maintain all redundancy conditions from the existing agreement (in relation to the amount paid and redeployment)
  • Pay time worked during unpaid breaks when interrupted.
  • Require at least 24 hours break after six periods of consecutive duty.
  • Pay triple time when an employee works more than six periods of consecutive duty without 24 hours break (which is an existing entitlement)
  • Give preference to part time employees over casuals for additional shifts.
  • Pay overtime for part-time employees in line with the Modern Award.
  • Convert staff on higher duties for than 26 weeks to the higher classification. This could see people on higher duties indefinitely.
  • Unpaid carer’s leave when all personal carer’s leave is exhausted.
  • Career breaks (four years on, one year off)
  • The length of the new agreement.
  • Review of part time hours.
  • A casual conversion clause.
  • Accident make up pay.

It has taken a very long time and a great deal of work to get Dorevitch to the bargaining table. And, if Dorevitch staff want a decent pay rise and enterprise Agreement that is fair and which brings their pay and conditions into line with other pathology workers, Dorevitch staff need to stand united.

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