Fair Bloody Go

HWU Dorevitch Pathology Survey


If you do not vote at all you run the risk of being dealt Dorevitch’s Dodgy deal  

Did you know that Dorevitch’s dodgy deal may reduce your annual leave?

Under the current agreement, you receive an additional week of annual leave for being rostered on ten or more weekends for four hours or more.

Dorevitch have been sneaky and changed this, so that you would need to work ‘for more than four (4) hours’. 

Under the dodgy deal, you can be rostered for a four hour shift every weekend of the year and NOT get an additional week’s annual leave. That’s dodgy!

You need to VOTE

You need to VOTE NOW

You need to VOTE NO!

Don't settle for second best. It's time for a fair bloody go!


  • POOR WAGE OFFER (after 10 years!!)
  • REMOVAL OF RIGHTS DURING DISCIPLINARY PROCESSES                                                                                                            

Dorevitch’s dodgy deal may have a wage increase, but it’s no good if you are sick, made redundant, have your hours cut, face disciplinary processes or want any work-life balance!



Only the HWU can be trusted to get the best possible deal for all Dorevitch workers. We’ve proven our commitment to you throughout this campaign!

The HWU maintains that the current Fair Work Commission negotiations should run their course. Dorevitch are now running from the umpire’s decision because they are scared of it. Instead, midway through this process, they’ve put their own proposal up (where the devil is in the detail) for a dodgy vote. We encourage all Dorevitch members to vote NO!
Remember if you do not vote at all you run the risk of being dealt  Dorevitch’s Dodgy deal!
Compound inflation for Melbourne since 2007, when your last agreement expired has been 28%. Dorevitch’s dodgy wage offer doesn’t compensate for this. Their wages offer also has increases – however, their wage increases for the second, third and fourth year of the agreement are only pegged to inflation. Their revised structure could see a Pathology Collector take six or more years to progress to Grade 2. This is not good enough.
 In the old agreement, Couriers had pay points for five years. The dodgy deal on offer by Dorevitch has only three pay points. This is not good enough.
Dorevitch’s dodgy deal reduces the accrual of sick leave for employees with five of more years’ service. Currently, employees with five or more years’ service receive 21 personal leave each year. Dorevitch’s dodgy deal reduces that to 14 per year. Currently, there is no limitation on the use of statutory declarations.
Reduce payment for redundancy: Current agreement pays redundancy including shift loadings and penalties (for example, for working on Saturday). Dorevitch want to pay redundancies only on the ‘base rate of pay’ exclusive of loadings and penalties. This means you will get paid less if you are made redundant.
Partial redundancy: Dorevitch want to introduce a partial redundancy. This means they can reduce your hours if they want and pay you a fraction of a redundancy. A partial redundancy is not taxed the same way as a genuine bone fide redundancy. This could see Dorevitch reduce your hours substantially (for example from full time to 6 hours per week) and you do not get the benefit of a full redundancy.
Dodgy redeployment: Dorevitch want to be able to redeploy staff in cases of redundancy. As a principle, this isn’t so bad. However, the way Dorevitch define what a ‘suitable redeployment’ is a big problem. They are not taking into account whether the new role is paid the same rate of pay, whether the role is on the same status, whether the hours are the same or similar or the family/carer responsibilities of the employee. Also, Dorevitch have not guaranteed that the redeployment is an ongoing, permanent role. This could see a long term ongoing employee redeployed to a fixed term parental leave replacement – at the end of which the person can be terminated and not receive a redundancy.
The current agreement has a process for disciplinary proceedings (for example, when Dorevitch wants to issue a warning or dismiss you). Dorevitch have removed this from the agreement.
This means you have no right under the dodgy deal to have the union represent you in disciplinary processes. Also, you have no right to appeal a harsh and unjust warning to the Fair Work Commission, because Dorevitch took the clause out of their dodgy deal.
Under the current agreement, you receive an additional weeks annual leave for being rostered as part of your ordinary duties on ten or more weekends for four hours or more. Dorevitch have been sneaky and changed this, so that you need to work ‘for more than four (4) hours’.  Therefore you can be rostered for a four hour shift every weekend of the year under Dorevitch’s dodgy deal and not get an additional week’s annual leave.
The HWU wants part-time employees who are directed to work above their contracted hours to receive overtime payments (but this is different if they volunteer for additional hours). This is consistent with the Modern Award, which is the bare minimum entitlement.  Dorevitch want the ability to direct employees to work additional hours and not pay them overtime until they work more than full time hours. This isn’t fair, and we believe this could make a lot of part time employees worse off than the Modern Award.
Dorevitch wants to continue the unfair treatment of employees who work public holidays that fall on weekends. For example, if Christmas falls on a Saturday the agreement provides that the public holiday will be observed on the Monday. This means if you work on Christmas you would only receive weekend penalty rates and not public holiday penalty rates. This is not fair.
Dorevitch have removed the protection regarding working more than six days consecutively. Under the current agreement, you receive triple time if you work more than six periods of duty without at least 24 hours off. Under the dodgy deal, this has been removed. The HWU wants to guarantee that part time employees have at least two days off consecutively in a week. Dorevitch’s dodgy deal only gives this to full time employees. Dorevitch’s dodgy deal means part time employees could be rostered every day of the week, with no penalty to compensate them.
Dorevitch don’t want disputes about their refusal of your request for flexible working arrangements to be heard by the Fair Work Commission. Therefore, if you have a request to vary your work arrangements because you are a carer, have children, have a disability or are suffering from family violence, is refused by Dorevitch, you have no right to appeal their decision to the Fair Work Commission.
Despite the current agreement being expired for 10 years, Dorevitch’s dodgy deal does not require them to start negotiations six months prior to its expiry.
The current agreement creates a right to have a staff locker or secure area to store personal belongings. Dorevitch have removed this right.  
RESQUEST TO ALL HWU DOREVITCH MEMBERS: Please cut and paste this weblink and circulate to other Dorevitch staff.

28th September, 2017


Dorevitch have chosen to proceed with circulation of their Enterprise Agreement (an inferior pay offer which cuts back conditions) despite the HWU writing and advising their actions are in breach of the Fair Work Act. Dorevitch are attempting to rush a vote on their dodgy deal. They are trying to avoid the umpire’s decision. All workers should vote NO. The HWU are contesting this dodgy process.  In the meantime, please circulate this information to as many Dorevitch staff as possible.

Dorevitch’s dodgy deal may have a wage increase, but it’s no good if you are sick, made redundant, have your hours cut, face disciplinary processes or want any work-life balance!

The Health Workers Union and Dorevitch have been engaged in a formal process before the Fair Work Commission. This process, which began after the termination of industrial action, has seen more progress made in the last month than in the last 18 months.

This is because Dorevitch have had no choice but to come to the table and negotiate.

Dorevitch themselves asked for 42 days TO NEGOTIATE instead of the standard 21 days.

All parties should trust this process to bring about a fair and reasonable outcome. YET DOREVITCH ONCE AGAIN HAS SHOWN IT DOES NOT REALLY WANT TO DO A FAIR DEAL.

There is no legal precedent in the history of the Fair Work Act for any company to simply stop negotiating in the middle of an agreed process and “put it out to vote”. It is a desperate attempt to avoid the umpires’ decision and we will challenge it in the highest court of the land if need be!

In an attempt to justify its unprecedented shameful action, Dorevitch has misinformed the workforce by saying the Union did not respond to its dodgy deal. This is untrue, the Health Workers Union gave its response to Dorevitch in no uncertain terms. But, we held off on making a counter offer until all classification issues were resolved.

After 10 years, Dorevitch have not changed

With the 42 day negotiation period soon to come to an end (and the umpires decision looming) now, all of a sudden, Dorevitch are in a rush to push their substandard offer through. Why? Perhaps they now realise that 10 years of showing little respect to employees and paying poor wages is about to catch up to them.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to Dorevitch’s dodgy deal (see below points).

The Health Workers Union has always been and remains committed and available to negotiate all aspects of Dorevitch’s substandard offer. It is our job to protect your rights and interests.


  1. Dorevitch’s wage offer came with dodgy classifications. In many instances, their proposal requires 6 years or more before you move up to a higher classification (as most people are part-time).
  2. The HWU couldn’t respond to this offer, until Dorevitch came back to us with a revised classification structure (taking into account our negotiated changes). To date they have not done this. We would not put financial figures next to jobs unless we agreed on what those roles would do.
  3. At the end of the last negotiation meeting – which was productive - Dorevitch said that they had enough of negotiating. They then indicated they would be putting out their deal to a vote.
  4. Dorevitch has ceased negotiations and has not indicated when it will meet again. This is after they requested a 42 day negotiating period.
  5. Regarding the pay offer – has Dorevitch actually provided it to you? Have they given you full disclosure of what it is and the entitlements they want to remove?
  6. Their offer will reduce sick leave.
  7. Their offer will reduce redundancy entitlements.
  8. Their offer will remove protections for disciplinary proceedings and rights to be represented by the union.
  9. Their offer will allow you to be rostered for seven days straight (or more) without any extra penalty.
  10. They say they want to resolve this quickly…. why are they in a rush to sneak this through? It took ten years to get this far because they have dragged their feet, and now they are concerned about delay? They seem to forget they caused this delay!
  11. The delay has been caused by Dorevitch failing to negotiate with the Union since last year. The Union was forced to take Dorevitch to the Fair Work Commission for breaches of good faith bargaining for failing to meet with the Union.
  12. They say they are trying to avoid an “expensive process”.  Higher wages are expensive. They have profited off workers for the last decade and it’s time to even the score.
  13. Dorevitch management say they are motivated “100% to get the best deal for you” – do you really believe them? After 10 years, they are running away from negotiations and running away from the umpire’s decision. ‚Äč

Australian Council of Trade Unions Statement

Wednesday 9 August, 2017

Statement in support of 500 workers on strike at Dorevitch Pathology

Statement from Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary:

“The ACTU stands with the 500 pathology workers forced to strike after a long and bitter pay dispute with their employer, Dorevitch Pathology.

The workers took legal protected industrial action. Dorevitch responded by locking out 76 workers for daring to ask for a pay rise.

These workers are amongst the lowest paid pathology workers in Australia and deserve a raise. Despite waiting a decade and bargaining for over a year, Dorevitch Pathology has offered a zero dollar increase.

Corporate greed knows no bounds; Dorevitch’s owner, Primary Health, posted an estimated $1.2 billion in profits since the last pay deal. Meanwhile these worker’s wages have gone backwards in real terms.

The outrageous zero offer points to a business model that relies on ripping off workers to increase profits.

The rules that are meant to protect us are broken. These workers deserve much better. The rules need to change.”

Dorevitch Workers on the campaign trail

Fair Bloody Go for Dorevitch Pathology Employees 

Dorevitch Pathology Employees have overwhelmingly voted yes to Protected Industrial Action!

Head on over to https://www.megaphone.org.au/p/dorevitch and sign the petition to show your support for Dorevitch Pathology Workers.

Dorevitch Employees have voted yes to all the proposed forms of Industrial Action. The Health Workers Union will be sending Industrial Action Packs to all of our Dorevitch Members via the post, you can also download the PDF with instructions below. It is vital that you refrain from taking action until given the all clear by the Union. If you require more information or any additional printed materials delivered to your Dorevitch workplace, please contact the Health Workers Union by calling (03) 9341 3388 or by email at HWUpathology@hwu.org.au

Encourage your workmates to sign up to the Health Workers Union, remember there is strength in numbers! Please read the instructions found within carefully and do not take any action until you receieve an announcment from the HWU - Dorevitch Protected Industrial Action Toolkit (PDF)

On the day of the strike don't forget to turn off your work phone. Encourage your non union work mates not to roster shifts on the days we will be striking.

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