Good news! As you know, Dorevitch Pathology has now provided the Health Workers Union with a draft workplace Agreement (see attached link below). This draft Agreement is well overdue. It is the culmination of protracted negotiations between the Health Workers Union and Dorevitch over many, many months. The HWU’s industrial staff has now reviewed the document carefully. This document includes the new classification definitions and pay rates (see below tables).

The HWU believes this deal is the best possible deal achievable by negotiation.


In summary, the pay offer exceeds the level of inflation. It would still keep Dorevitch workers amongst the highest paid private pathology workers in Australia.

A 1.5% pay increase would be effective immediately in your next pay slip following the pay deal being formally adopted. The Agreement would have an effective start date of 1 July, 2021. Proceeding pay increases are 1.5% from 1 July, 2022; 1.75% from 1 July, 2023 and 2% from 1 July, 2024.  This equates to a 6.75% pay increase over the life of the Agreement.

Please check your classification against the classifications definition structure below and the new pay rates to see what your new rate of pay would be. Please note that Pathology Collectors working mobile (and/or doing ward rounds) are all now classified as Grade 2.

The HWU has also negotiated a $600 one-off back payment. This $600 will be paid to all full-time staff and paid pro-rata for part-time staff. For example, if you are employed part-time and working approximately 19 hours a week, you will receive 50% of the $600.  This payment applies as compensation for not having a pay increase since September 2020. Dorevitch will also pay superannuation on this one-off payment. It will be paid on the first pay day after a ‘yes vote’ for the agreement.


If supported by members, it means we can now move forward and try and finalise a pay deal as soon as possible. But first, we want to hear from you. Please take the time to complete our HWU Dorevitch Members EBA Survey by clicking on the following link: We want to know if you are happy with the HWU to proceed with this current pay deal. We will be in discussions with Dorevitch again on Tuesday, so please complete this important survey over the long weekend.


Pathology Collector In Training

On commencement of employment for a period of (1300 Hours); is in training and receives detailed instructions on the work to be performed and is acquiring skills in all aspects of pathology collection including customer service, containerisation, labelling, transporting and storage, patient identification and well-being, related administrative work, and/or requires supervision on the work to be performed.

Movement to Pathology Collector Grade 1 will be based on 1300 hours and competency check.

Employees at this level will hold a Certificate III in Pathology or other equivalent qualifications / experience as recognised by the Employer.

Pathology Collector Grade 1 Means a person who is qualified and employed as Pathology Collector under general supervision and is engaged in collecting pathology specimens and performing procedures in accordance with practice instructions; the care, storage and processing of all such pathology specimens; the accurate recording of information relating to patients/clients and specimens in accordance with practice instructions; operating VDU’s; attending to the wellbeing of patients; liaising with referrers/referees; receiving payments of accounts
Pathology Collector Grade 2

Means a person who in addition to the requirements of a Pathology Collector Grade 1 also is required by Dorevitch to be a current competency holder and perform the following tests in Arterial Blood Gas (ABG), Venesections, Autologous, Mantoux’s and Infant Skin Puncture.

This grade applies to all Pathology Collectors employed and contracted to Hospital Ward Collection and Mobile Pathology Collections

Pathology Collector Grade Team Leader

Means a person appointed to a position as second in charge to the Area Co-ordinator capable of relieving the Area Co-ordinator in all aspects of work; However must not instruct or supervise the clinical practice of Registered Nurses.

Registered Nurse 

Employees at this level are classified and paid in accordance with the Registered Nurse pay rates at Schedule A..

Current employees employed within the classification of Pathology Collector (Division 1 Nurse) and who maintain their registration as a Registered Nurse (Division 1 Nurse) will retain the classification Pathology Collector Registered Nurse.

A Pathology Courier operates a motor vehicle on courier rounds to deliver and collect pathology reports, samples and other material as directed.

Clerk Grade 1 

An employee in the following classification will be involved in performing non-computer based duties which may include:

  1. Filing
  2. Collating
  3. Sorting
  4. Other administrative duties

Clerk Grade 2

An employee in the following classification in addition to performing the duties of a Clerk Grade 1 will be involved in regular computer related duties which include:

  • Data Entry Operator (Input request slips and test results in a timely and efficient manner and according to procedures)
  •  Call Centre Operator (Communicate results to physicians and designated health care personnel)
  • Respond to inbound and outbound calls for results and other purposes.
Receptionist (greeting visitors and patients, taking calls and administrative duties)  

Clerk Grade 3

An employee in the following classification who has been appointed to the position and who in addition to performing the duties of a Clerk Grade 2 will provide supervision, support and assistance to the Department Manager as required. 

Clerk Grade 4

An employee in the following classification who is competent in performing the duties of a Clerk Grade 1, 2 and 3 will perform computer related duties including medical audio typing.

Laboratory Assistant In Training 

On commencement of employment for a period of 3 months; is in training and receives detailed instructions on the work to be performed and is acquiring skills in all aspects of laboratory assistant work. 

Laboratory Assistant Grade 2 

A Laboratory Assistant Grade 2 is an unqualified person who is required to perform work of a general nature under the indirect supervision in accordance with NATA competency checklist.

Laboratory Assistant Grade 3 

A Laboratory Assistant Grade 3 is an unqualified person who on appointment and within established guidelines and procedures, undertakes work of a more complex nature rotating through more than one (1) area of the Laboratory.

A Grade 3 Laboratory Assistant may perform their role without direct supervision.

Storeperson Grade 1 

A Storeperson Grade 1 is a person employed to work in any single one (1) area of the Stores Department who has no formal qualifications. 
Storeperson Grade 2

A Storeperson Grade 2 has worked as a Storeperson Grade 1 and may hold a Certificate III in Transport and Logistics (Warehousing and Storage) or the equivalent.

A Storeperson Grade 2 will be required to work across all areas of the Stores Department which may include OHS, manual handling, picking and packing orders, performing stocktakes, forklift truck operations, organising receivable operations, organising dispatch operations and/or completing receiving/dispatch activities.

Cleaner Grade 1 

This classification is considered entry level only. After three (3) months or twenty-six (26) shifts, a Cleaner Grade 1 will automatically progress to Cleaner Grade 2.

A Cleaner Grade 1 will hold no formal qualifications and perform basic cleaning duties under direct supervision. 
Cleaner Grade 2  A Cleaner Grade 2 has three (3) months or twenty-six (26) shifts experience at a Cleaner Grade 1 and will hold no formal qualifications and perform basic cleaning duties under indirect supervision.
Maintenance Handyperson Grade 1 (unqualified) 

An employee engaged as a Maintenance Grade 1 is a “Handyperson” who holds no formal qualifications.

Maintenance Handyperson Trade  Means a person employed as a handyperson who has satisfactorily qualified as a tradesperson under the relevant legislation or holds an equivalent qualification acceptable to Dorevitch.


Dorevitch Proposed Wages Table


It is essential that the HWU knows your views on this current pay deal. Please take the time to complete our HWU Dorevitch Members EBA Survey by clicking on the following link: This is very important. Be aware that if a deal is not reached, we are back to square one, which may mean no pay increases without possibly going down an alternate (industrial action) path. The HWU believes this current deal is the best deal possible by a negotiated outcome. It is unlikely to improve through ongoing negotiations.

If members indicate that they support the current deal, we can work to finalise it as quickly as possible. If this occurs, pay increases and your one off pro-rata $600 back pay can start flowing through to you very soon. Ofcourse, all Dorevitch employees (including Dorevitch HWU members) will have the opportunity to formally vote on this Agreement if the HWU and Dorevitch agree to finalise it.

If you have any questions, please call the HWU on (03) 9341 330 or email your HWU Organiser, Ray Collins, on 0476 838 386.

Dorevitch Draft Enterprise Agreement (PDF)