DGAS Update


Update on DGAS

EBA Discussions

The Health Workers Union met with Doutta Galla HR and representatives yesterday to negotiate your next enterprise agreement.

DGAS has been delaying the process all year and, as you know, we’ve had to drag them to the table.  Now, they’ve had a change in staffing and we’re at least meeting.

We’ve had two meetings so far, and have another two planned (for December 2018 and January 2019).

The Health Workers Union have been pushing for:

  • A pay increase to bring you up to the industry standard (over 4 years)
  • Back-payment to September 2018
  • A ‘medication awareness allowance’ for PC’s (of 4% of base rate)
  • A fair and timely investigation process for disciplinary matters to ensure that people aren’t suspended from work for excessive periods of time and don’t get sacked without a fair hearing
  • An end to ‘low care’ and ‘high care’ designations for work
  • Tightening up the language in the agreement to ensure that people are replaced when on leave
  • Payment for leave is reflective of the average hours worked in the last 12 months
  • A higher shift-allowance for those working Sunday AM shifts
  • 10 paid Family Violence Leave days per year (separate from sick leave)
  • An increase in paid parental leave (currently only 5 weeks)
  • Superannuation paid on parental leave
  • Time-out from work for mothers returning from parental leave to breastfeed or express.

We want to work with our members and DGAS to improve the working arrangements and to lift the morale of the workplace.

We know working at DGAS hasn’t been the best in recent years, and we want to ensure that you are valued in the difficult work that you do.  We are meeting again in early December.

We hope to have an in-principle agreement before Christmas with the first pay increase coming to you in the early new year.

If you have any questions please call the Health Workers Union on 03 9341 3300.