Clinical Labs EBA Update


After a year of negotiations with Clinical Labs for a new agreement on your pay and conditions, the Health Workers Union (HWU) has rejected an insulting wage offer from Clinical Labs.

Clinical Labs have offered you only a 1 per cent pay increase per year. They will only offer more if you agree to slash your sick leave and other entitlements.

This is despite employees not having had any pay increase for between two and four years. The HWU have rejected this insulting offer!

We have been negotiating in good faith for over a year, attending meetings regularly. While there has been some progress on the little things, on the things that really matter, like your wages, all Clinical Labs want to do is cut costs.

Negotiations are quickly going nowhere – we think they are stalling. We have had enough. We need to send Clinical Labs a message.

Protected Industrial Action

We are now preparing to take legally protected industrial action to show Clinical Labs that workers will not be taken for a ride. Only Union members will have a vote in this process. 

Very shortly, we will be asking for your feedback regarding what kind of legally protected industrial action we take, for example things like refusing to perform urine drug screening, overtime bans, or a ban on picking up from defence sites and more. You will receive a survey shortly, where we will ask you about the most effective way to take legally protected industrial action in your workplace.

This is a complex process that includes needing to apply to the Fair Work Commission for approval of the legally protected industrial action.

For any industrial action to be effective we need strong support from your colleagues. Only Union members can take industrial action.

Encourage your colleagues to join the fight for better wages and conditions. We are stronger together. Together, we will make your voice heard and show Clinical Labs you are worth far more than 1 per cent.