Blood Service Bargaining Update


The Health Workers Union (“HWU”) and the Blood Service has now met eight times over the last two months to bargain for a replacement of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service Enterprise Agreement Victoria 2014 (“the Agreement”).

Last meeting, the Blood Service presented their unsatisfactory wages claim:
  • Employees paid above the Agreement: 1% wage increase per year plus a lump sum payment of either $700 or $1,000 depending on your classification
  • All other employees: 2% wage increase per year for the life of the Agreement 

The HWU is seeking a wage increase of 4% per year for the life of the Agreement

The HWU believes you are worth a lot more than what Blood Service are currently offering to date. On top of their insulting pay offer, the Blood Service has already indicated they are not interested in the following claims: 

Red Cross Grid

The HWU is fighting for pathology workers

The Health Workers Union is determined to get our Blood Service members a fair pay deal. We have the runs on the board in the pathology sector. This year, we took the fight up to Dorevitch Pathology - where 600 striking pathology workers saw the State Government intervene and force the matter to Fair Work for an arbitrated decision on pay rates. Dorevitch CEO Neville Moller was forced to resign in disgrace.
Lifting wages in the pathology sector is a top priority for Health Workers Union Secretary, Diana Asmar (a former phlebotomist). Our union’s first priority is to negotiate a reasonable outcome, but the HWU does not shy away from industrial action if that is what is required to get out members a fair deal.

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