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BUPA Workers Vote No: But what does that mean? | Health Workers Union
15 August 2017
8 June 2023
2.99 minutes


Health Workers Union members voted down the BUPA Enterprise Agreement on the 31st May 2017.

This was a Victory to the HWU and its members!

The Agreement proposed by BUPA was an insult to our members. The Health Workers Union want BUPA to come
back to the table with a better offer and with the NO vote-we have forced them to do this!

BUPA staff have been paid below the aged care industry average for far too long!

We want an Agreement that recognises that BUPA workers are paid below other aged care providers for years.
We want an Agreement that finally brings BUPA staff pay in line with the rest of the sector.

So far, BUPA's attitude has been disappointing to say the least. They have offered a one year Agreement with a
"one-off" pay increase of 2.3%, with no additional benefits. Other employers in the sector - which already pay more
than BUPA - are offering an average annual increase of 2.5% for up to four years. A one-off 2.3% increase won't
bring BUPA staff into line with the rest of the sector as it currently is, even before the increases are factored in.

And yet, on the back of their workers, BUPA continue to post massive profits and continue to expand their
operations. It's not good enough.

BUPA staff have been ripped off and management's one-off deal is an insult to their workers.
We are opposed to any proposed Agreement (put by management) which will place BUPA workers even further
behind their fellow aged care sector workers. We want to bring BUPA back to the table and negotiate a fairer
deal for our members!

If you are a BUPA employee, encourage your colleagues to join the union. It's the key to finally getting BUPA
workers a decent pay outcome. The more members we have, the stronger your voice at the negotiating table.


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