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Working Well Aged Care Study
31 December 2017
31 January 2023
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In order to improve the pay and working conditions of HWU members that work within our aged care sector, and to improve the quality of care delivered to older Australian’s, the HWU has been representing workers on a number of levels.
We have been active in our member’s workplaces, lobbying parliament, making numerous submissions to federal and state parliamentary inquiries, the DOH and other organisations, attending taskforces and advisory groups and we have been working with our partners in the research sector.
The most recent aged care research study that we have been involved in is being run through the University of Melbourne and the Brotherhood of St Laurence.  The research project is investigating the connections between employment and health among older workers in the aged-care sector. The study is funded by the Australian Research Council and is titled: “Working well? Older Workers, Health, and Work”.
We encourage HWU members that meet the research study participant criteria (such as age, gender, health status or live in a particular postcode) to participate in this important study.  We also encourage members that might know someone that meets the research study participant criteria to inform them of the study.  We encourage interested members to contact Dr Aaron Hart on (03) 9483 1330 or

Please click the following link for an opportunity to participate in the study.

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