Blog«Penalty rates may become a thing of the past unless you take action!
Penalty rates may become a thing of the past unless you take action!
20 May 2017
28 May 2023
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Most of you may have heard about the shocking cuts to penalty rates (including weekends and public holidays) that were recently announced by the Fair-work Commission. The changes to Public Holiday pay will come into effect on July 1st of this year!

The decision effects people who work in the retail, hospitality or fast food industries. This decision has set a precedent!  They will be coming after your pay next, no matter what sector you work in.

Most Australians are incensed!  Some people are angry and others annoyed.

You can help us stop them by Joining the Health Workers Union and writing to your local Member of Parliament.

In a statement to the media, the Federal Employment Minister, Michaelia Cash, said “The government has no plans to change the way penalty rates are set. ”Our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said” We accept the decision and we support the decision”

The government is not interested in stopping this attack on the hundreds of thousands of workers that rely on Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates.

The government is only interested in looking after the rich and multinational corporations. They cut workers penalty rates and give tax concessions to big business.

What has happened to the lucky country? 

It feels like the large mining companies and the banks, not the workers, are the lucky ones these days!  They are making billions of dollars, sending most of it offshore and avoiding paying their fair share of tax.

We can do something about this, but we need to join forces and work together.

Yours in Solidarity

Kamal Bekhazi

Research Officer

Health Workers Union

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