Changes To Superannuation Law That May Affect You

28 June 2019

On 1 July 2019, the Government will introduce new laws designed to make sure that you do not pay unnecessary fees and insurance premiums related to your Superannuation.

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Australian Hospital Statistics Report Released

29 May 2018

In May of each year the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare releases its report on admitted patient care in Australian hospitals. The report was released on the 24th May 2018.

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Bullying And Harassment Widespread Within Victoria's Health Services

14 March 2018

The Health Workers Unions is concerned about the mental and physical health of our members. According to the second annual national statement issued by Safe Work Australia titled “Psychosocial Health & Safety & Bullying in Australian Workplaces 2015 (based on accepted workers compensation claims)” Hospitals and Other Health Care Services, such as aged and disability services, have the highest frequency rates of harassment and/or bullying compared to other industries.

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Career Progression And Training For Health Care Workers

13 December 2017

The Health Workers Union supports a lifelong learning approach to skills development and career progression. In a fast changing healthcare industry it Is essential for health workers to maintain clinical skills and knowledge, and to continue providing the best quality care to all patients.

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Stand Up For Your Rights And Insist On A Payrise!

5 July 2017

Philip Lowe, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia has called on workers to demand big pay rises from their bosses. Philip Lowe said what we all have suspected for some time!

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Update on Australia’s Gas and Electricity Crisis

10 May 2017

Finally, after years of high gas prices and shortages, the federal government has been forced to do something about the problem of greedy suppliers that continue to put overseas profits before local gas customers.

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Reflections Of A Young Unionist

7 April 2017

​It was my first Union rally. I felt like I was about to participate in something important and was motivated by the desire to help others.

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Australian's Deserve Cheap And Reliable Gas!

24 March 2017

Most of you would have heard about Australia’s Gas problems, with South Australia experiencing power blackouts on numerous occasions during this summer due to energy shortages and storms.

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New Automated Centrelink Debt Recovery Program

17 January 2017

Most people would have heard about the Federal Governments new Centrelink Automated Debt Recovery Program by now.

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They Are Cutting Our Pension

16 December 2016

I’ve just had a letter from the Government that says that Malcolm Turnbull will be cutting my pension. My husband and I will be losing $6,120 a year, or $117.70 a week.

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The Exploitation Of Overseas Workers

5 December 2016

The HWU believes that the 457 and other Visa schemes (187,189) that involve the importation of labour (at least 180, 000 people per year and up to 240,000) have the potential to cause more harm than good to the Australian industrial relations framework, employment practices and the community in general.

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Turnbull Government Signature Legislation Passed In The Senate

1 December 2016

Remember where you were today for history’s sake! After three years and a double dissolution election the Turnbull Government’s signature industrial relations bill has passed the Senate in the last sitting week of 2016.

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In The Dead Of The Night They Came For Our Rights

25 November 2016

Right now corporate power is out of control in Australia and across the world. Working people can’t get decent pay rises, there is mass exploitation of workers at places like 7-Eleven and inequality is rapidly on the rise. Rather than tackle these issues, the Turnbull government is hell-bent on attacking union members – the very people who can help get wages growing and end exploitation.

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Welcome To Our New Website

27 September 2016

We are please to announce that we have a new website

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