Our History

Our History

The Health Workers Union has a proud history since its inception in 1911 of fighting for workers’ rights and better work conditions in Victoria’s hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The Health Workers Union history draws on the contributions of the many Unions that have amalgamated to create its present branch structure and the broad range of professions that hold membership.

We are a strong and growing union that aims to use its combined power to improve working conditions and to maintain reasonable wages and benefits for our members. The Health Workers Union (HWU) of Victoria represents a broad spectrum of workers employed in hospitals, community health, pathology, dental, aboriginal, disability and aged care services.

In 2012 the Health Workers Union underwent a leadership change for the better. The same leadership team continues to service our members and has fought hard to negotiate hundreds of Enterprise Agreements on behalf of our membership. 

Under the leadership of our Secretary, Diana Asmar and Assistant Secretary, David Eden, the HWU has made significant gains and advances in wages and working conditions for our membership that work within private and public hospitals, aged care, disability, community health, pathology and aboriginal health.

If you work in Victoria’s Health Services, then the Health Workers union is your Union! We can achieve our desired outcomes and benefits if we unite and make our voices heard at work.  History has taught us that we have more power when we act together!

Victoria Government Gazette, 1930

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